Our Firm is active in the specialized fields of new technologies law, data protection and computer law.

The impact of new technologies naturally extends far beyond the economic sphere, so that digital growth is nowadays deeply intertwined with a complex regulatory environment. Consulting a specialized lawyer is therefore often necessary, whether to obtain strategic legal advice or to be assisted in court following a dispute.

The Firm assists companies, private individuals and public institutions in matters such as :

  • Computer law : applications and software, licenses, hosting, data protection, general terms and conditions
  • E-commerce: general terms and conditions, advertising, online games, payment services
  • Data protection: data collection and storage, data protection disputes (data theft, damage to data)
  • Domain names: registration, disputes over domain name rights
  • Communicationslaw
  • Social networks and websites: data protection, offences in breach of privacy, defamation through social networks
  • Cybercrime: computer fraud and hacking, database hacking
  • Intellectual property: trademarks, patents, copyright (logo, website)

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