Law Related to Medicine and Health Matters

Some members of our Firm are active in the field of medicine and health matters.  They act on behalf both of physicians and of patients within their relations either with the health authorities or with the health- and/or accident insurances.

In particular, they assist physicians within the implementation of their activities (group practices, medical centers), and within the follow-up of their practice and their relations with the administrative authorities (Supervising Commission of the Health Professions) or the health insurances and their head organism, Santésuisse.

  • Assistance and legal counsel to physicians

Rights regarding the practice and the authorizations to practice
Clause of need
Relations and conflicts with patients
Proceedings before the civil, criminal and administrative courts
Control and sanctions by the sanitary authority of the Supervising Commissions of the health professions.
Relations with the health insurances and with Santésuisse

  • Assistance and legal counseling to patients

Relations and conflicts with medical and hospital institutions, physicians and health/accident insurances
Reimbursement/payment of medical services
Proceedings in matters of liability and insurance