Litigation and arbitration

Our Firm represents its clients before any civil, criminal and administrative courts in Geneva as well as in other cantons of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. On the international level, we are active in the field of arbitration.

Our Firm is particularly active in matters of civil litigation regarding family matters (divorce, children, succession), contract law, real estate, lease, banking and financial law, civil liability and insurance law (traffic accidents, accidents related to sport activities or domestic accidents, medical malpractice and accidents), criminal law (economic criminality and general criminality), as well as labor law. Our Firm also deals with the acknowledgment of foreign rulings in Switzerland.

The member attorneys of our Firm are ready to intervene rapidly and efficiently. Before taking any action, they examine together with their clients the appropriateness of filing action, they evaluate the costs, define the strategies of the conducting of a lawsuit and, whenever appropriate, they try to reach negotiated settlements in the client's very interest, by negotiation, or through conciliatory or mediation procedures.

  • Main procedures:

Proceedings before the civil and commercial courts
Administrative proceedings (litigation and amicable procedures)
Proceedings before the Criminal Courts
Proceedings before the Courts for Lease related matters
Proceedings before the Labor Courts
Proceedings in matters of Debt Collection and Bankruptcy
Provisional measures and sequestrations
Litigation in medical and health matters
Negotiations and proceedings in matters of civil liability
International Private Law and carrying out of foreign rulings
Arbitration as attorneys or as arbitrators