Rights of Victims, Civil Liability and Insurance

Our Firm is specialized in matters of accidents, and regarding the indemnifications related thereto.

These are complex matters where it is not sufficient to simply rely on the proposals made by the insurers, as very often, it is necessary to call upon a specialized and independent attorney-at-law.  In matters of civil liability of a third party, the victim's attorney's fees are included in the damages claimed.  Our Firm negotiates with the insurers the payment for the damage and the immaterial damages.  We take any appropriate legal steps on the civil and criminal level as well as before the concerned social insurances in order to obtain the appropriate compensations.

The Firm is the founder and member of the network "Avocats de la Route", which works in the french part of Switzerland. One of the partners of BRS AVOCATS is also the founder of the T.A.R., the Arbitration Court for Traffic Matters, which is specialized in the dealing with civil litigation that arises from traffic accidents.

For many years, our Firm has been cooperating with legal protection insurance companies.

  • Traffic Accidents

Material damage (vehicles, clothes, personal belongings)
Physical damage
Personal tort
Medical care

  • Medical Error

Therapeutical injuries
Accidents related to surgery or medical treatments
Compensation / indemnification

  • Sports and Leisure Activities

Accidents related to sports and leisure activities as well as domestic accidents