Family Law

Our Firm is specialized in family law both on the national and the international leve.

Following a poll in Switzerland based on the opinion of 6'500 lawyers, in-house lawyers and clients, BRS Avocats has been nominated as one of the top five Family Law Firms in Switzerland for the year 2017 and 2018

Moreover, BRS Avocats is ranked as Leading Firm by CHAMBERS HNV 2018, which also ranks Alain BERGER as Leading Individual.

It counts on an important international network, the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers), with which it has a close cooperation.  Our Firm is active in all fields of Family law, including International Private law, both regarding litigation and amicable conflict settlement.  The specific fields of activity are the following:
  • The Couple

Protective measures of the marriage
Divorce (national and international)
Winding up of property regime
Divorce agreements and conventions
Ex parte and urgent orders
Modification of judgements
Prenuptial and nuptial agreements
Registered partnerships
Common-law marriage
Matrimonial and domestic violence
Protection of the personality

  • Children

Filiation and paternity
Parental authority
Visitation rights and relocation orders
Maintenance obligations
Ex parte and urgent orders
Modification of judgements
International child abduction
Child protection measures
Proceedings in matters of tutela and curatorship
Children rights

  • Successions

Estate planning
National and international succession litigation
Drafting of wills
Drafting of succession agreements

  • Miscellaneous

Recognition and exequatur of foreign judgements and orders, with linked ex parte and urgent measures (attachments)
Recognition of foreign States Family Registers (surrogacy, etc.)
Anticipated Instructions
Mandate for reasons of incapacity
Parental will