Administrative Law and Social Security

Our Firm practices general administrative law.  It intervenes in defense of individual liberties and civil rights in most varied fields starting from votes and elections up to the practice of professions which are controlled by the State.  It is active in the field of construction and land settlement, the protection of nature and the environment, regarding the law on foreigners as well as regarding the withdrawal of driver's licences.

It advises and assists individuals within the B sometimes difficult B relations with the social security insurances (invalidity insurance;  accident insurance;  health insurance;  unemployment insurance;  pension funds) in order to obtain decisions, as well as within appeal procedures.

  • Main Fields of Activity

Construction law and land settlement
General administrative law and administrative procedures
Defense of individual liberties and civil rights
Civil liability
Law related to social security (invalidity insurance;  accident insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, pension funds)
Traffic law, withdrawals of driver's licences, measures and sanctions
Law regarding the transportation of people, taxis, limousines, buses,
Professions governed by authorizations or controlled by the State;  procedures in view of the obtaining of permits and appeals
Assistance to professional associations
Foreigners' law.